Giving back

Mandy values her connections with the community that she works with and in. She is a voluntary member on the
following Boards:

2018 - ongoing


Mandy joined the Board of Wanslea and is now the Deputy Chairperson. Wanslea was established in 1943 and families and children have been at the heart of the organisation since that time. The organisation offers services in four key areas:

  • Family Support
  • Out of Home Care
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Child Care

Through the commitment of dedicated staff, the organisation supports families and children located across the Perth Metropolitan area, the Peel, Great Southern and Goldfields regions.  Greater access means more families can be assisted with a range of professional and support services.

Donations can be made to Wanslea through their website at:

2019 - ongoing

The Polly Farmer Foundation

Since inception in 1994, the Foundation has been committed to a strengths-based approach, supporting students who have the potential to succeed and who have the support of their family/carers. The Foundations academic enrichment programs empower Aboriginal students to complete school and move into successful post-school pathways, including university, direct employment, apprenticeships, traineeships and technical training.

Mandy joined the board of the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation in 2019 and knows first-hand the value of education, sharing on the Foundation’s website that:

"I did my high school education as a boarder in Perth and it was tough on a number of levels, but it made me resilient and showed me I could achieve anything I set my mind to.  At the time I didn’t fully realise the sacrifices my family made for me to have this opportunity.  What they knew then, I know now: education is so important in opening the doors of opportunity and addressing disadvantage. The Foundation plays such an important role in supporting young people to realise their full potential through education and I am so proud to be able to play a small part in the journey of our wonderful young people through my membership on the Board."

Donations can be made to the Foundation through their website at: