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Culture Development

Culture exists in your organisation; is it the one you want it to be? Let me help you create the culture you aspire to.

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Culture Development perth and Australia

Culture change that sticks

Think Culture

Think Culture isn't just the name of the business, it's what I do to help leaders like you ensure you get the change you're after and achieve your strategic objectives. 

My focus is on doing what gets you to that end goal without all of the people headaches that most leaders face.

I help you achieve change in key areas including:

  • Organisational change management
  • Interpersonal and intercultural workplace issues
  • Race relations
  • Reconciliation Action Plans

Leadership Development

Your leaders are a key part of your organisation. My job is to help them be their best.

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Leadership development perth

Spotlight on Leadership Development

Developing Your Leaders

Leadership and management are important drivers of change. I personally believe that your leaders are one of the most critical parts of your success.

By focusing on your leaders and their ability to affect change, we can move the whole organisation towards your goals.

I help you achieve change in key areas including:

  • Strategic leadership
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Organisational leadership

Strategic HR

Strategic HR means you can have the right people doing the right things in your organisation.

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HR for Impact

HR that is Focused and Impactful

HR isn't just a function in your organisation, it's a central part of how you attract and support the right talent. 

The policies, practices, engagement strategies and support you have in place for your people and your HR team are critical.

I help you achieve change in key areas including:

  • Mediation
  • Strategy and policy
  • Recruitment/retention/employment
  • Aboriginal Employment Strategy
  • Coaching
  • Workforce development


Stepping out of the business to provide broad thinking focused on your future.

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Going beyond the day to day

Thinking for the Future

Broad thinking is a critical aspect of effective organisational growth and development. If you're aiming to create deep stakeholder change, then having a well considered approach can enable you to do just that.

I help you achieve change in key areas including:

  • Social policy advisory and development
  • Organisational reform


Working with you and your team to move beyond equality to a focus on equity.

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Equity consulting services perth

Equity for Impact

Why the difference matters

There is a substantial difference between equality and equity. Both are focused on fairness but equality does this through treating everyone the same, while equity does this through treating people differently in a way that recognises their needs as individuals.

I help you achieve change in key areas including:

  • Diversity
  • More than equality; Equity


Knowing your people and your organisation are leveraging effective governance matters.

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Governance perth

Governance for Controlled Growth

The role of governance

I work with organisations like yours to develop and implement strategies around leadership, governance, workforce development and change management. All of these are critical, but governance is the area that givers you the piece of mind on the risks and key areas that need control and transparency.

I help you achieve change in key areas including:

  • Integration of corporate, clinical, cultural AND specific aspects of each form of governance
  • Governance planning/review


Helping you get the results you need to achieve your goals; no matter how big or small they might be.

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Facilitation services perth

Facilitation for Impact

Helping you navigate complex challenges and critical conversations

With your goals in mind I will help you to bring organisation, direction and support to a group setting, no matter how large or small, to assist you to achieve the outcomes you need. I have the expertise to navigate complex subject matter and bring participants together so that everyone is heard. I will guide your team or group where they need to go to get the outcome required.

I help you achieve change in key areas including:

  • Creating a safe space and trusting environment
  • Enabling all views to be heard and for participants to feel valued
  • Managing conflict and navigating complex conversations
  • Getting the best out of participants and achieving great outcomes